Patrick Lhoest

Managing Partner
Brief info
After receiving his Master in Law at the University of Louvain (UCL), Patrick Lhoest worked for 8 years in commercial, management and financial functions at EMG Computer Leasing (part of GBL, Suez then ING). He then joined OnSite (IT Integrator & Service provider) in 1995, months after the start of the company. Member of the Board, he was successively Sales Manager, Country Manager Luxembourg, Director Business Development (M&A) until the integration in 2001 of the OnSite Group in the French public company Ausy S.A.. Responsible of co-defining and implementing the European acquisition strategy of Ausy until mid 2002, when he became CEO of the Ausy Belgium and Luxemburg entities. With his management team, he successfully transformed the company into an IT full-service integrator. In January 2006, he joined Essensys Interim Management as Senior Advisor, where he contributed to the growth of the company on the Brussels and Walloon markets. He started Arrowstone Belgium in 2008 and Arrowstone S.àr.l. in 2021.