Fees Policy

Interim Management, Consulting, Coaching…

We follow two main principles:

Transparency in the sense that our contracts with Customers and with Interim Managers will always mention the two prices: what we get from the Customer and what we pay the Interim Manager. This allows for open dialogue on costs and constructs a strong Alliance between parties.

Reasonable in the sense that we mention from day one that the fees of Arrowstone are “open for discussion” after 170 days of invoicing.

We have then indeed been paid a reasonable fee for finding the right Manager and for our “Shadow management”. And “Shadow management” is supposed to have declined sharply after that time.

When we speak about “open for discussion” it means that unless further assistance or “shadow management” is requested by the parties, the customer and the Interim Manager can continue their relationship directly.

Executive Search assignments

Two principles:

A fixed fee : 
to be discussed at the start. Not a percentage of the package of the recruited manager, as this implies a conflict of interest between Arrowstone and its Customer.

A “success” fee :
payable when a proposed candidate has signed an agreement with the Customer. We also demand a limited exclusivity period. This is a powerful incentive for us to achieve results in a limited time.

Those principles, not common on the market, are there to create trust and respect between the parties. It is important for us to create a situation where all the stakeholders are aligned and have a partnership mentality.